Business Coaching

In your professional life, you are confronted with situations that require you to take a position. This is easier said than done. Your own expectations and those of others require you to adopt a certain attitude, make a decision or adopt new strategies. I offer you my know-how as a process facilitator and coach to help you explore and test these strategies. If necessary, I integrate psychometric methods such as the MBTI preference profile and, depending on your challenge, in-depth studies based on this (for example, on communication style, stress management, etc.).

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps to clarify professional goals and to weigh career options in order to increase professional self-efficacy. I accompany you in the reflection of your professional situation and the development of your change goals. Common topics in this coaching arena revolve around the achievement of self-defined career goals, tensions between professional and personal concerns or dealing with changes with which you are confronted.

Transformation processes

Changing customer needs, corporate change, digital change - we encounter transformation processes in a variety of forms. As managers and employees, we need knowledge, resources, and motivation. For our own positioning and active participation. I support individuals and teams in exploring their position in relation to the whole, in developing solutions for complex situations and broadening their scope of action. Together we focus on the development of helpful strategies and their successful implementation.


Leadership takes place on many levels. You lead yourself, teams, employees, the organization. Leadership can happen with or without direct influence, at a distance, in complex environments, in intercultural contexts, in economic crises or in the dynamics of growth. Your contexts set the framework in which we reflect and work on expectations and options as well as your personal attitude and its possibilities.

Self-organized teams & agile working methods

Agile working and self-organization is more than implementing a methodology. A successful and satisfying implementation is only sustainable with an attitude and a mindset that supports agile ways of working. The implementation of self-organized ways of working and agile methods are challenging processes, whether lived in responsibility as a leader or as a team member. I am a sparring partner in dealing with leadership issues and adaptation processes and support you in building up competencies.

Working methods & formats

Professional background

The personal development, empowerment, and mental agility of people in professional contexts, combined with the creative power of companies and organizations fuels my passion. Coaching and consulting is the format with which I filter both perspectives. As a business coach and systemic consultant, I apply the systemic perspective. Where helpful and relevant, I bring in organizational knowledge, HR expertise and methodological knowledge from my experience in various HR roles, both regionally and globally. As a certified Scrum Master and Design Thinking Facilitator, I am familiar with agile methods and working methods. I am convinced that agile working methods can also give a boost to innovation and collaboration beyond the classic fields of application.

Face-to-Face and virtual

The coaching sessions can be conducted both face-to-face and virtually. The face-to-face meetings take place in the city center of Göttingen in centrally located premises of StartRaum. Other locations can be arranged if necessary. For both face-to-face and virtual meetings, I create documentation during the process to facilitate reflection and follow-up work between meetings.

Coaching & Consulting

I offer a task- and solution-oriented coaching format, in which your concerns and contexts determine the framework of the consultation. We will work with different methods tailored to you and your concerns in order to strengthen your resources and to support you in opening up new scope for action. In the presence and online setting you will learn methods that you can take with you and continue to use long after the coaching.

MBTI Preference Profile

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a globally recognized psychometric instrument for working with personality types, based on the Personality Theory from Carl Gustav Jung. Depending on your cause, as a certified user I integrate the instrument into the coaching process. The MBTI is suitable for individual consultations as well as for team processes. It helps to learn more about one's own personality and the profiles of others, and to improve communication and interaction with others. The MBTI can also be applied as a useful supplement in team building processes.

Peer Coaching

I offer the implementation of guided peer coaching groups in the subject area of management, leadership, and self-organized teams. In these peer coaching sessions, you benefit from the experiences and perspectives shared between and by other participants. Expand your reflection and problem-solving skills and experience a trusting, professional and supportive development process in a protected space.

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